Playing on our server comes with some general guidelines and rules. These are put in place to allow everyone to experience both a fair and level playing field. We ask all players to follow the rules outlined below in order to prevent panalties and possible permanent bans.

Herein this document, all usage of the words "we", "us", and "our" refer to ASTONIA.IO.


Please understand that this is an open-sourced game that may have possible exploitable content. We have done our best to look for such issues and bugs, but we are only human and can only look over codes and game test so many times.

Therefore, we hope that all of our valuable players will refrain from exploiting any bugs that they find. This helps keep a fair environment and economy in the game. Any player found to perform any amount of exploits of any sort will be punished which may lead to a permanent ban. Please report any and all bugs and issues with the game as you discover them.

Botting & Macros

We do not condone the use of bots and macros or any form of automated gameplay. There are systems setup within the game for us to easily identify such activities, please refrain from the use of any softwares or exploits that you may believe will help with advancing quicker than others. It won't!

Use of softwares and any other forms related to automated gameplay will result in immediate termination of the player without notice. There are no recovering terminated characters or accounts as they will be permanently removed from our server.


Scamming is obviously not allowed. If reported or caught, you will be punished. There are of course two sides to every story and we will reach out to all parties related and review our system logs. We will make our decision and the party deemed at fault will be punished and may result in a character ban or account termination.