In order to play, you have to create an account. On each account you can create five characters. However, you will only be able to be online with one of these characters at the time. Anyone who has your account ID and password can play your characters and log in to your account, so please keep them in a safe place. To create your free account, click on "Create Account" and follow the instructions there.
Download and Install
After creating your account, you will get the download. It is about 36MB in size, so it shouldn't take more than a few minutes on a fast connection. After you've downloaded the program (called client), you'll have to install it. Just double-click (start) the file you've downloaded and follow the instructions: Download: astonia35.exe
Client Interface
The client interface consists of 5 main parts:
  1. Main Screen:
  2. Here is your main screen. Quite straightforward, this is where all the action happens.

  3. Equipment:
  4. All your equipped accessories, clothes and armory will all be displayed here.

  5. Chat:
  6. This is where all the communication happens, join multiple channels to chat with different players about many different topics. Remember, the /info channel is always a great place to ask for help.

  7. Skills & Attributes:
  8. Strategically plan out your skill points spending. Right-click on a skill or attribute to learn more about it. Click on the blue orb beside each skills or attribute to raise it.

  9. Inventory:
  10. Your inventory, this is where items you pick up or get from quests will most likely end up. Holding SHIFT and clicking on an item allows you to pick it up or drop it on the ground or back in your inventory.

Quick Tutorial
When you enter the game for the first time, you will see help windows popping up. They will explain the basics of the game to you. You will learn how to walk, talk, shop, fight and many other things.

Nevertheless, we will explain the very essentials of the game here: