Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

How do I create an account?
Start by visiting and click on 'Register' at the top.

I have created an account on the website, what do I do now?
After registering, you can now login and create your first character. Now go ahead and download the game client to begin your adventures.

Is Astonia free to play?
Yes. is a free to play MMORPG. No payment is required, register and create a character today!

What are premium accounts?
Premium accounts are now a thing of the past. All players will instantly get all premium perks and benefits such as an expanded inventory.

What are tokens?
Tokens are also now a thing of the past, they were useful when paying for other players membership.

When I try to log in to the game, I get the message: "Server demands exit: Username or password wrong."
Please make sure that you have entered your character name and password correctly. To play the game, you have to enter your character name and password, not the account ID. If you don't have a character yet, please create one on our website.

Where can I get enhanced items in the game?
You find enhanced items on monsters or you buy them from other players. Enhanced items are not sold in shops, unless another player sold it to the shop first.

How do I learn about my equipment? How do I know if I can wear equipment?
Warrior class players (Warriors, Seyans, Arch Warriors, Arch Seyans) are the only classes who can wear "classic" style armor (chest pieces, leggings, sleeves, etc.). Mages (Mages, Arch Mages) cannot wear "classic" style armor, but there are other protective items that they can wear, such as pants, hats, capes, etc. You can always look at an item (RIGHT CLICK) to read about it and learn if there are any special requirements for its use.

What is a spawner?
A spawner is a room or area where different clans gather to fight over a clan jewel which appears, or "spawns," on a clan pedestal. You can read more about clans, clan jewels and spawners in the manual.

I have checked the whole area, killed all the monsters, and still can't find the key to the door!
When fighting enemies, be sure to step all the way into rooms to thoroughly check them out before moving on - there may be doors, chests, or other enemies hidden in the shadows that you could not see before from your fighting position. Carry a torch to light your way, and always check the bodies of slain enemies (SHIFT + LEFT CLICK).

Who is Macro Daemon?
The Macro Daemon is an NPC (Non Player Character) who may appear to you from time to time and ask you a simple math question which you must answer within five minutes to avoid a punishment. Once you answer his question correctly, he goes away. His purpose is to help safeguard against players trying to use macros (small executable programs) to unfairly gain experience or levels.

Why do I keep dying?
Some of the reasons players keep getting killed by enemies again and again can include:
  1. the player is fighting enemies of higher levels than himself.
  2. the player (mages, for example) has not properly spelled himself for battle; warriors should let their Hitpoints and Endurance regenerate between fights.
  3. the player is not using the proper weapons and/or equipment or does not have these items equipped.
  4. the player is not taking advantage of items that can help him, such as healing potions, mana potions, torches, recall scrolls, etc.

Who are Staffers and Tutors?
Staffers are members of game management who help monitor and manage the daily operation of the game. They are easily recognizable in chats by the red, capital letters in their names. They enforce rules (and punish offenders), help answer questions, and help keep the game running smoothly. Tutors are game experts who specialize in teaching gameplay to others. They can be recognized in chat by the their red names. If you have a question in game, you can find a Tutor in Cameron, or you can ask your question on channel 1 (the "Info" channel). Both Tutors and Staffers are always willing to help answer questions, so be sure to ask!